Monitoring Canada’s E. Coli Outbreak

There is currently an investigation going on in Canada regarding an outbreak of e. coli.  The Canadian Public Health Agency has reported:

The Public Health Agency of Canada is collaborating with provincial public health partners, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Health Canada to investigate an outbreak of Escherichia coli O157, commonly called E. coli. The outbreak involves three provinces and is linked to romaine lettuce. At this time, there are no product recalls associated with this outbreak. The outbreak investigation is ongoing, and this public health notice will be updated on a regular basis as the investigation evolves.  The risk to Canadians is low. However, Canadians are reminded to follow safe food handling practices for lettuce to avoid becoming ill. Most people with an E. coli infection will become ill for a few days and then recover fully. Some E. coli infections can be life threatening, though this is rare.

Our thoughts go out to the victims of this outbreak.  Along with officials in Canada, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the California Department of Public Health and the LGMA are monitoring this situation.  The LGMA has reached out to FDA and CDPH and is ready to help if and when needed.

As of 12/13/17 there are no product recalls associated with this outbreak

To learn more about foodborne illness please visit our friends at STOP Foodborne Illness

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